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Limited Editions

Each photographic style is primarily a state of mind. In my case the basis is the need for simplicity.

When I translate this concept into visual art, minimalist compositions are born naturally.

I often photograph the same places, streets, buildings, etc. I specialized in reinterpreting the surroundings.

Walking itself helps me clear my mind.

I love to play with what the urban space offers me.

Everything is supported by an unconditional curiosity, which springs from the simplicity and spontaneity of the present moment.

With the camera in my hand, every second I feel like I'm in the right place at the right time, followed by the belief that there is no place that is not worth photographing.

Related to the photos I chose for the Limited Edition, they best embody everything I wrote above.

Mainz, Germany August 13, 2016

Frankfurt am Main, Germany December 14, 2017

Frankfurt am Main, Germany August 9, 2016

Frankfurt am Main, Germany February 15, 2019

Frankfurt am Main, Germany August 15, 2016


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