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Visual Diary. March 25, 2022

Fechenheim, Frankfurt am Main.

If it's a sunny day, then I'm in town. I like the contrast between light and shadow. It gives me a lot of opportunities to create minimalist compositions. The outline of the buildings are the main elements that attract my attention. On a cloudy day, they would be much less noticeable than in direct sunlight.

Usually for a street photography session like this one, I walk for approximately 2 hours. I always choose to go to a certain area of the city, but after I get there, I don't have an exact route. I just walk from one visual composition to another. The city itself dictates my path.

             Please note that the light spot that appears on some of the pictures is caused by my photo camera. Because editing it in Photoshop takes too long, I decided to leave it as it is.
I generally spend very little time editing my pictures. For the simple reason that I lack the patience to do so. I know, it sounds weird, but that's the truth.
I edited the photos below in black and white directly from my photo camera.


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